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Yikes – It was 72 yesterday — But the cold winds and temps are heading into KC! (Do you see that??? 12 degrees on Sunday – help!) It is time to go home to Vegas.


What a wonderful week it has been. Bill had a business trip to KC and I hopped on the plane with him. Isn’t that cool? I now have a ‘Companion pass’ on Southwest so I get to go anywhere he goes – (poor Bill.. tee hee).


My great friend Barb and I went out visiting churches, passing out flyers for the Fun Fearless Female event which will be in KC on Feb. 21. What blessings we shared. A couple days in the car with a special girlfriend– what could be better?!


We saw many churches in the area are building and expanding. =) I am so happy to see it. It shows that God is at work and bringing people in.  It also shows that the churches are reaching out of their walls and doing ministry.  We were greeted warmly and were able to make some nice connections.


I was also able to have coffee with some other friends. We shared our hearts and stories…we able to catch up.  It reminds me of how powerful our friendships and relationships are to our lives.  It is so important to keep connected.  It’s not easy when you don’t see people often, maybe live in different cities, etc.  Email and text are great ways for short information sharing, but there is nothing like face-to-face getting together!  If you can’t ‘see’ them, phone calls help bridge the gap to connect hearts, as we can hear their voice, and sense them, even feel their presence.


So as I head back, I pray God will touch the hearts of the church leaders that we visited. I pray that they will share the information with the ladies of their churches.  I believe just like in Joshua, God always goes before us when we are walking in His path. He is touching hearts even now and they just need the information. It was fun to be ‘bold and courageous’ as we stopped in the churches, and it was so much better doing it 2 by 2.  (I seem to remember God talking about that.)  


Do you have something you are being lead to do?  Maybe reach out in some area of your life, make visits.  Grab a friend and go. Blessings await you!

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Many Blessings – 



2015 —the Best We’ve Ever Seen! 

Question:  Is there an area in your life where you are being led to reach out? Who do you want to take with you?

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