3 Keys


3 Keys

Much of life is simple – but not necessarily ‘easy’.  As I shared with the ladies at our Conference in Kansas City, I want to also share with you the 3 keys for being Fun & Fearless. This is for anyone, male or female, and no matter what age.


1- LIGHTEN UP!  We need to take ourselves a less seriously, have some fun, be more spontaneous, stir it up a little.


2- GET OVER YOURSELF – It’s not about You!  Gosh – that sounds a little harsh… sorry, well, not so much.  The truth is that much of our anxiety, fear and ‘issues’ come from thinking it’s all about ‘Me’.  What are they going to think about me?  Did I dress right?  Do I drive the right car?  On and on, we are so worried about what others are thinking about us… that we can become paralyzed.  


3-  FOCUS ON OTHERS!  When we are thinking about others, how to touch their lives, how to make them smile, how to make a difference to someone else, all the sudden our perspective changes and our lives begin to expand with blessings.  Walk into a room and look for someone to share a smile, a compliment, reach out and touch, so to speak, in a positive way.  

I promise if you look for Good… you will find it.

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QUESTION:    What can you do today to ‘stir it up’ a bit?

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