MOVING-2 Putting it all together

Putting It All Together – Moving 2

So I am re-arranging the house, moving the ‘decorator’ type things into the dining room, putting all the office supplies’, like the stapler, paper clips, pens from all the drawers, in
Bill’s office area, etc.  I’m packing- right?  Yes, for me, it is, or it is the beginning.

I have a definite process in my packing. Now keep in mind if you are a perfect housekeeper, and already have everything in it’s perfect place… YAY YOU!  For me, not so much.  I have pens and paperclips, in most every room.  I take things into different rooms to work on something, and somehow it just doesn’t back in to it’s proper place.  I have band-aids in the kitchen, the bathroom, in the office….. things are spread out throughout the house.

My sister, as she sees me moving all this stuff around, has found it interesting the way I do it, and she mentioned I should talk about my  ‘process’ of moving.

Since not everyone has moved as many times, and maybe haven’t had the need to have an actual process, here’s what I do.  It can be an overwhelming task, so here’s a few ideas I have to keep it manageable.

First thing I do is mentally acknowledge that I am moving, and accept it.  Oh yea, I know, that is like ‘duh’, right?  Well, not so much.  It sometimes takes me a few days or a week, to mentally adjust to the move and then begin the pattern.

Some people like to pack each room, with everything in that room together in the boxes. Another way is just start filling up boxes, no matter what room, mainly just fill up the box with whatever will fit in the particular box.  This is the quickest to pack, but the most confusing while unpacking, and you never know where anything is.

Well, my process is a little different.  As mentioned above, I like to pack things together by what they are. So as I walk through the house, I begin putting things together in categories.  I place all the decorator items together, the candles, the batteries, etc.  That way when i get into my new place and need something, I know where that ‘stuff’ is.  It makes moving into the new place and settling in a little easier.

That  is my hint for today.. pack ‘like’ things together.

BTW – An interesting thing begins to unfold as I do this.  My mind begins to clear. As I put things in order- even if they are going into a box, it’s a little bit like my life. During this time it all can seem a little overwhelming and chaotic, but it gradually begins to take a sharper focus.  Everything has a place, there is time to get it all done.  Really, it will get done, right?  By taking it a step at a time, a box at a time, a room at a time… it gets done.  Sort of like life.  We can only live a moment at a time.  God gives us each day, we can’t see tomorrow, all we can see is today, and live life one step at a time, in faith.

Next time – number and label your rooms…..

Do you have a moving hint?  It would be great if you would share it with me.

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OHHHH….  Many of you have asked ‘where’ am I moving???    No big move back to Kansas, like Dorothy, or to a Island in Paradise, nothing exotic…. We love it here in Vegas.  It’s just a local move across town.  Thanks for asking. 
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