A Call, A Check, A Whisper


A Call, A Check, A Whisper- God provides.

In the Bible study that I attend on Friday mornings we had a sharing time about God’s provision.  He is Jehovah Jireh, our Provider.  Often we think of God’s provision of food and shelter, but He is the Provider of all we need.

We were asked to share some stories of God’s provision. Here are a few of the stories.

  1. One of the ladies shared about how one day she was feeling very low, and beating herself up, feeling unworthy, (now I assume most of you know how this feels).  Anyway, it was just one of the tough days, and a she got a phone call.  A friend called that she hadn’t heard from in a long time called to tell her how much she missed her, but also told her why her friendship meant so much to her.  She shared some of her attributes and this woman began to feel her spirit lift.  God provided for her in her need at just the right time.
  2. Another lady is struggling with finances and has some major dental issues.  She went to her mailbox and there was an Easter card from her friends in Germany.  She was so pleased to hear from her friends, and when she opened the card, there was a check.  Again, God provided.
  3. The next story is about a mother and her young daughter.  It is a little longer so I’ll tell you about it next time- it is the whisper.

It is so encouraging and so uplifting to hear  and share the stories of God’s provision.

What is one of your stories? Let’s share.



QUESTION:  What is your favorite story of God as your Provider? Please share.

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