About Delinda

Hi! Thanks for stopping by. Ready to release some of the demands in your life, ready to give yourself a break and let go?  Let’s do it together!

I’m a Southern girl, raised in the Southern Baptist church, and my Dad was a Colonel in the US Air Force – YIKES! it was a very strict household!

I was told:

  • Pretty is as pretty does
  • Don’t speak unless spoken to
  • Children should be seen and not heard

Get the picture? Basically, Sit down, shut up, and be a good girl. The truth is I didn’t realize I had a voice, much less that I could make my own choices until later in my life. That is Freedom! I love choices!

I never lived in any place more than two years while growing up and learned early to either take the initiative to make friends or be left out. With my strict upbringing in all areas it wasn’t until I went to college that I began to realize that there was a lot more out there and more opportunities. I began to realize that we as women do have a voice, and that we don’t have to be what others think we should.  We can choose for ourselves. Making choices give us Freedom!

We all have struggles, ups, down, and bumps in the road. I’ve had my share of Goliaths and I would love to share the lessons that I’ve learned along the way. Allow me to encourage, uplift, and help you see that you don’t have to ‘just take it’.  You have a choice!

My husband, Bill Larson, and I have been married over 35 years, we have two children, Justin and Alicia who both live in the Kansas City area. And YES, We love the KC ROYALS!   Bill and I live in Las Vegas and love it! I particularly love it that the  sun shines most everyday and that we can go out to eat or a movie 24/7.


Delinda has a wonderful and engaging stage presence that is electric and fun!

You will certainly not be bored!


Fun Facts

  • First ‘official solo’ Junior High Youth Choir
  • Dad was a Colonel in the US Air Force
  • Graduated from Louisiana College
  • Love to wear high heels
  • Moved over 27 times
  • Love to roller skate
  • Favorite desert is hot fudge sundae
  • Love balloons

Whether speaking to a group or one-on-one I speak and teach on making choices. I really believe that the life we are living is the result of the choices we have made.  The power comes in knowing we can choose differently for a new and better future! If you don’t like where you are in life, want something different, more peace, joy, and less stress, then begin to make change in your life – one decision, one choice at a time.  Choose differently!

Come share the journey with me.  I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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