Air Force Brat


Being an ‘Air Force Brat’, as we are ‘loving’ called, wasn’t easy. Moving around the country made for challenges to a family, but it also had some life lessons and a lot of choices.  

Of course, you don’t realize it when you’re a kid, but as an adult I can see a little more clearly. (Don’t you love 20/20 vision)

It is interesting that there is always more than one way to look at things . . . the optimistic and positive side . . . or the ‘not so much’.


1. Friends

     A- Don’t make friends because you’re going to leave anyway

     B- Make friends quickly so you can enjoy them


2. Speak up

    A- Speak up and be the one to say hello or smile first

    B- Wait for others to speak to you (this can take a really long time)


3. Decorate a house. My Mother always made every place we lived really feel like home.  She had  choices as well

     A- We’re only here temporarily so what difference does it make?

     B- Every place is important so let’s decorate and make it feel like home

4. Should we make connections, join a church, etc.?

     A- We’re not here long enough to get involved

     B- If we get involved and connected our experience will be richer.  God can use us here even if it is only for a short time.


5. Pets

     A- Pets are too much trouble

     B- Pets are part of a family and help make the move easier


6. Attitude

     A- Be rigid and fight the process

     B- Go with the flow and embrace the change


As I look at these, it occurs to me that in many area of our lives we have these same options.  How we look at an event or a challenge, and the choices we make in how to handle it, makes all the difference.

To me it is so much easier to be flexible and go with the flow rather than fighting it.

Maybe it is about asking questions.

  1. How can I look at this differently?

  2. What are my options?  

  3. What choices do I have?

Sometimes just asking ourselves a different question helps us to see that we have choices, and then enables us to have different answers. What do  you think?


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“Have A Grateful Day” 



QUESTION:   Are you having a challenge or event in your life that you could ask yourself different questions?   

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