Always Another Way

always a way

What do you think about this picture?  Do you agree that there IS aways a way?  What is interesting is that our answer to that question shows a lot about how we think and live our life.  


For instance –

  • When you hit the wall – what do you do?

    Just stay there and say ‘Poor Me’, life just doesn’t go my way, and start beating up on yourself?


    Do you reach out and ask for help, maybe you look for a mentor or a coach? Look for a new idea?

  • When someone says ‘No’ – How do you react?

    Do you just accept it and feel like it’s your fault?


    Do you re-examine and see how you can be more clear, or re-phrase to have a better understanding, or move on to the ‘Next’?

  • When your child needs help – What do you do?

    Just answer and ‘fix’ their problem,


    Do you help them see ways to fix it themselves?  Do you help them think through the problem and teach them the skills for answering their own questions?

  • When you want a different job – What do you do?

    Whine and complain and accept where you are?


    Do you look for ways to do your job better, ways to improve your skills to become more valuable in the marketplace?  Do you keep searching ’til the job you desire becomes available, all the while doing your best in your current job?

  • When a promotion was denied, what do you do? Complain, get mad, and talk badly about your ‘boss’?


    Ask ‘Why’ and then rather than being argumentative and hurt, take the information and start changing the things you need to change, i.e. learn better skills, reach out to someone who can help you improve? Become so good at your job that there is no way they can deny you the next time, by putting in more effort?


Good questions, right?  How we choose to handle these type of issues really determines where we are in our life and where we are going.


There is always another way, another answer, another approach. Try it on a small area in your life and see if this is true for you. It can give you new freedom and less frustration in your life. I’d like to hear your stories.


Need some help?  Sometimes you just new ideas, so if you are having a hard time seeing another answer, way, or option – Ask me . . . I’d love to help you find the other ‘Options’.


Go make it a great day!



Question:  Do you find it hard or easy to find ‘another way’?


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