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For over 30 years I have been a R. E. Broker in numerous states and have owned several property management companies, with our company managing over 7500 units at our high point.

Now, I travel and speak to Apartment Associations, R.E. and professional groups on how our attitude and mindset determines not only the choices we make in our personal lives but how it affects business as well. It can change the bottom line for the owner, the relationships that we have with on site personnel and with our residents. Most every property I know can use some energy, positive thinking and some new ideas on how to improve thoughts, attitudes, and choices. ​That’s what I do.


Attitude is everything.  We’ve heard it. Maybe you’ve even said it, but do you really believe it?

The attitude of the people on a property, the maintenance personnel, leasing team and manager, totally determines whether there is a spirit of teamwork, cooperation – or not.

The relationship we have with a resident begins from the minute they drive up and park and walk into the office. Whether they will move in, pay their rent on time, and then renew their lease, all starts with how we on the property feel and treat them.

What is our attitude?

The truth is what we do is more than just a paycheck.  We are making a difference in people’s lives. This is their home, whether it is 6 months or 4 years. Our job is important.. You are important.

Ultimately, attitude affects the bottom line. The value of the property, of this multi-million dollar asset can be improved by attitude. And we know that the goal of property management is to increase the value of the owner’s property, and it doesn’t cost anything, just a shift in focus… in attitude.

That’s what I talk about and I’d love the opportunity to come and share some ideas, give you some tools on how to make a bigger impact on your property, and in your life by changing your attitude and choices.


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