Are You Hurrying Your Life Away???

I am the oldest of three children, the ‘Big’ sister, and I was always in a hurry to grow up.  I couldn’t wait to learn how to ride a bike or to babysit, (that didn’t last long).  It was exciting to think about getting my driver’s license, of course had to get my learner’s permit first.  Then could I hurry up and get in high school? I mean it was going to be the best… right?


Next was college, I did a five-year music curriculum in four so I could graduate with the rest of my class and get into the ‘grown up ‘ world.  Why was I rushing it?  It was always hurry and get to the next level, the next accomplishment… then I changed my choices.  (See video)



Something to think about.



“Change Your Choices to Change Your Life”


Question: Are you hurrying all the time?  What can you do today to slow down a little?


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