Arrgh- I’m stuck!


My childhood friend was in town a couple of weeks ago and as we were talking she told me that she was surprised when I told her that when I ‘hit the wall’ in my music endeavors that I went looking for a coach.  It seemed like a very natural thing to me.  I was stuck!  I had done everything I knew to do: new website, just finished a new CD, was on iTunes, ReverbNation, Amazon, etc.  It wasn’t enough.  I knew there was more ahead, more that God wanted for me but I didn’t know how to access it.  Have you ever been there – maybe you are there now.


I went on a hunt to find an ‘Artist’ coach. It took a little searching but I found the Coach that is right for me.  This is a very important part of reaching out for help, finding the person that is the right fit for you. Here are some ideas as you are searching:

  • Always reach out to someone who has been there, done that (they can’t lead you to where they have never gone

  • Look for someone with your same values.  I knew a needed a spirit filled Christian that would help me see where God wanted me to go

  • Be ready to listen – I have a strong personality and it is easy for me to want to take over and go my way.  Keep in mind, if you are going to pay someone to direct you, be willing to listen.

  • Make sure your personalities blend.  I need someone who is going to tell it like it is, but with some degree of kindness.  I don’t like being bullied, directed yes, bullied no.  Your styles of leadership need to match or blend.


Those of you who have been to any of the Fun Fearless Female Conferences may have heard me tell the story about how I called her for ‘music’ advice and she told me I was a speaker.  No I’m not, I’m a singer, I said.  She was right. I am both. I have been speaking and teaching for most of my life, but never called it that, I just did it. Does that make sense?


You may have gifts that you haven’t discovered yet.  You may be doing something already, and not even realized that is your next step. Sometimes it is so natural, so easy, that you don’t think it is important.


Reach out. Find a strong leader that will advise and guide you, whether you pay them or not.  If you are stuck, reach out for help! It can be about your life, career, or a creative venture.  Whatever is important to you. What are you waiting for?


(BTW – my coach is Lynn Barrington, (  She spoke at our KC Conference and blessed the ladies. She will probably be surprised when she reads this. My thanks to her for helping me to see that there really is more, and I am living it now.) 


‘Til Next Time –



QUESTION:  Do you find it easy to reach out for help?


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