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Let me ask  you a question.  Have you ever gotten to a place in your life, dreams, passions, career, where you just didn’t know what to do? Maybe you have read the books and taken every step that you know how to do, but you were stuck? 


I know I have, more than once.  Maybe you are there now. My first step is always talking to God, praying about where He is directing me, etc., but when I know in my heart this is the route I am supposed to go, but I don’t know what to do next, then I have found it is important to reach out and ASK.


I hit this wall, so to speak, a couple of years ago, I knew I needed someone with experience, who had helped others get to the next step or the next level.  I went on a search, and for me the answer was my Coach Lynn Barrington.  What I thought I needed was an Artist Coach, not necessarily Life Coach, but I have found that coaching involves all of these.  We are a complete person, our art, our gifts, our life, our family, — all make up who we are and have influence on where we are headed.  Does that make sense?

My first ‘AH HA’ with Lynn was in our first 15 minutes.  I’m not kidding, she saw something in me, and put it out there.  Here’s how it went.  I wanted someone to help me with my singing career.  She looked a website, read Bio, all the stuff, to have an idea of ‘Me’.  In our first call, she said she knew what I was missing.  Now I have to admit I was a little put off.  WHAT… in 15 minutes you see what I have been missing???  Am I that blind?

Lynn told me I was a Speaker.  “No I am not, I am a singer”  so I said.  She continues to have me look at where God has placed me, see how He has been working in my life to that point.  It’s all right there.  Well, she was right, I had been speaking, training, and encouraging women in Mary Kay for about 12 years.  I just didn’t see it.  She had me begin to find topics for speeches that I was passionate about, what I wanted to share with women, and actually with people in general.  It turned out to be easy, it was a fit.  This was just the first step of many where she has helped me to see what I needed to, or not do, to step on up.


What is there about yourself that you may be over-looking?  Maybe you need to reach out to someone who can see more about you than what you see  yourself.  (BTW if you are going to ask someone make sure it is someone who loves you and supports you and truly has your best interests in mind)  Maybe reach out to a Pastor, teacher, maybe even a Coach like I did.  


ASK.  You might be surprised at the answer.


‘Til next time –



Question: Do you feel that there is ‘more’ for you?  Do you feel stuck in any area of your life?

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