Back-Up #1…

BACK UP . . .  and Take a Look. . . Relax


Things I learned while my computer was down. . .   


Back Up Lesson #1


BACK UP AND TAKE A LOOK . . . at how I spend my time.  I have an Iphone so I was able to check messages, etc., however, I couldn’t really do creative things, complete projects, etc. on my phone. Therefore, I had ‘time’.  

  • I felt less stress, kind of relieved.  It may sound crazy, but I didn’t feel the pressure of having to respond the instant an email came in, or a message, or the need to constantly be doing something like work on website, or google info, etc.  

  • I spent my time a little differently.  I began reading a great new book, one I’ll definitely be recommending and will share about later.

  • I got caught up on some very needed and long neglected filing. Not that fun, but necessary, and it feels good to be caught up. (I think I was using the computer for ‘creative avoidance’ 🙂

  • Spent a little more time with my husband.  Since Bill has an office here at home when he isn’t traveling, we did a little more talking, walked the dog together, and went to lunch a few times.  It’s not that I couldn’t do that before, but since I felt like I had more free time, it was nice and a little more spontaneous.

Now that the computer is back, (and I am very happy it is up and working great), I think I’ll keep the free feeling.  Instead of just sitting at the computer and filling up my time, I’ll choose to continue enjoying some other things too.  

Who is in charge of me anyway… me or the computer?  or the phone… umm there is another topic.


The truth is I had the same amount of time last week as I have every week.  The hours and minutes are the same, it’s really all about how we choose to spend them.  Who would’ve thought… a ‘downed’ computer would help me look at things a bit differently.  


How about you?  Do you find that you sit or look at the computer just to fill in time?


Will  be Continuing . . . 

  • BACK UP!!  More info on Passwords – Yikes- This was the worst!

  • BACK UP!!!  More info on ‘Cloud’  and other storage

 cloud computer network

Stay with me =)





QUESTION: Do you ‘fill up time’ on the computer?  Maybe use it for ‘Creative avoidance’?

TALK to me – I’d love to hear from you!

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