Balance or Harmony

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My sister and I have been having conversations about ‘Balance’.  Have you ever felt like your life is out of balance, out of kilter (is that the right word?), or maybe you feel overwhelmed and out of control.  If you are a woman.. I imagine that is true ALOT!  For me that is a definite!

My sister is a hard worker, has great ideas, puts in many, many hours at our ‘Sisters Consignment’ shop here in Las Vegas… so much so that I get worried- and that is my right as the ‘Big’ sister’ (tee hee).  So in our conversations a thought has come to me.  See what you think.

Sometimes, it is really ‘harmony’ that we are after.  Balance assumes things are equal; work, home life, recreation, spiritual, like a tetter-totter, up and down, to keep balance.  I would propose that most of the time when our lives get out of balance,  it is because it’s hard to keep all of the areas equal.  Instead, I would suggest ‘harmony’.  In a band or an orchestra, depending on the movement or the music that is being played,  the horns ay be louder, and then maybe the flute comes in,  followed by the sweet tones of the piano.  All together it makes for a beautiful song, with a little clash here and there, maybe big loud cymbals, and the relief of a harp or melodic violin line.  The music can be beautiful.. but not necessarily ‘balanced’.

In our orchestra of life, God gives us so many things.  Maybe, like my sister, you have a job that you love and are passionate about – I hope that is true for you.  Your job or career may be taking more than it’s equal share of your time, but when blended together with the other parts of the orchestra, it can lead to wonderful music, just waiting for the next musical ‘movement’.   We are in the middle of our ‘Concerto’, our ‘Symphony’.

Sometimes a switch in thinking can make the difference. I like to think of life as a symphony that God is directing.  Life has more harmony when I let Him keep the tempo, let Him be the Maestro, and then see what beautiful music He is playing and creating .

Just a thought-


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