Blessed While Standing in Line

Christmas tree garland lights string


Like most of you I have been out and about, Christmas shopping, going to rehearsals, and attending great Christmas gatherings… and eating toooo much =)


While on one of those excursions, I went to Walgreens for a few things and had a great encounter.  I was paying for my items, and the lady behind me had an armload of various Christmas decorations, some lights, a couple stockings, and few other things.  I had seen her in the aisle earlier and we had exchanged Hello to each other.  When I saw her come up behind me I said Hi again and mentioned that it looked like she had found what she needed.


At this point she smiles Big and said she was getting ready to go decorate a house.  She then explained she had a closing that afternoon and she was giving the keys to a new home to her client and 2 children.  I really tuned in at this point.  She said she wanted to surprise them and wanted them to have a feeling of Christmas when they went to their house for the first time.  WOW! Isn’t that soooo cool?! Now let’s go back.


She is a RE agent here in LV and had a closing on a house , which in most cases means the job is done.  Many people think that once that happens an agent is done, and they collect their money, right?  Well, I know many RE agents, and that really isn’t how they view it.  They want relationship and lasting friendships.


This woman was one of those great agents.  I thought what she was doing was so sweet that I asked for her card, gave her mine, and invited her to tune in here so I could recognize her for her great efforts and Christmas spirit.  Great job Terry P.  You made a difference to those around. Blessings for the season and a bountiful New Year!


How can we share a little Christmas spirit today?  I’d love to know your ideas!



‘Til next time – 


BLESSINGS! Go out and make it a great day!



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