Blessings / Burdens


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A perfect rose will always have thorns.  Rain showers and storms bring springtime flowers and blooming trees.  

You may have heard it said before, for every blessing there is a burden, a trade-off, or added responsibility.  My husband calls it ‘unintended consequences’. It doesn’t mean we don’t want the blessing, it’s just there are usually some ‘add-ons’ that go with it.  


When we are wishing for more, dreaming of new things, have thoughts of new adventures, etc., it is probably a good idea to think of . . . the rest of the story.  (By the way, how many of you remember Paul Harvey, and ‘the rest of the story’?  Wasn’t he great?  I really enjoyed his radio program – here’s a link if you are interested.     Paul Harvey – The Rest of the Story)


In any case, I thought I’d share some of the things I hear people wish for… and often what they complain about later.  Very interesting.

  1. Bigger house –  Higher utility, more landscaping costs/grass to cut, possibly bigger house payment

  2. New Baby – This is a BIG one, as you know  ‘… A baby changes everything’. Up all night, less time for you, more expense overall, you are a Parent – forever.  On call 24/7, 365, no time for you

  3. New Job – maybe more responsibility, new environment, new job description. Leave old friends and ‘comfort zone’

  4. Get married – OK this is another big one.  Life is about you AND someone else, check in with someone else before going out, or doing something, more laundry.  Every decision involves your spouse.

  5. Win Lottery – OK, we have all seen shows about this, but let’s just make note. Lots of people wanting to be your best friend, need advice how to make good decisions about the money. Always people with hands out, wanting what you have. 


Of course there are lots of great things that go with all of the above like a wonderful partner for your life, a sweet child to love and the great privilege of being a parent.  Just note that with every blessing there is always something that comes with it, so when you are wishing and dreaming and planning and growing… take a look at the whole picture.  You’ve heard the saying Be careful what you wish for… this may be why =).

‘Til next time – Blessings


QUESTION:  Have you ever had a blessing that came with a ‘burden’ or trade-off?  … and it was a surprise?


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