Blown Away…


In the Grand Canyon, on the first day of filming How Great Thou Art, the wind was blowing 30-ish miles an hour with gusts stronger than that, my hair was blown way off my face, and, to be honest, it took a little coordination just to keep standing on the top of the cliff.  

We had several location points where we filmed different sections of the song.  As we went from place to place the people gathered.  This was a big surprise.  As I looked around there were tears in their eyes, and then they clapped.  We met people from Sweden, Australia, Germany and France. I was blown away (and this time not by the wind).  It was humbling to see how God was using this song in this beautiful backdrop to touch hearts.

There were 4 ladies that had just started their trip, and I wish I knew their names.  Somehow God used this time and place to touch them.  They were so sweet, and said to us that they loved being at the Grand Canyon, and that they would never forget this particular part of their trip.  We hugged and shared, they blessed me.  I thought I was just out there to sing and make a video.  God had something different in mind.

(pictures by Sherry g. Rambin)

We never know how God is going to take what we do and say to bless others.  When we go through each day He has a plan for us.  It might not be in the Grand Canyon singing on top of the cliff, it might be in a doctor’s office, where you work, or in your home with your family.  When we open ourselves to God’s blessings, He blesses others at the same time.

Next time, it was a beautiful and glorious day. God touched hearts again.

Blessings!  Feel free to share.


QUESTION:   Do you notice how God uses you to bless others?



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