Both Feet in the Water…

Both Feet in the Water …

Being raised as an ‘air force brat’, a child of an officer,  a girl, in the south, being the older sister, and the daughter of an alcoholic, has had a major impact on my life.  I have been inclined to put others first, take care of others, and basically put my needs, desires, and goals behind everyone else’s, whether that was consciously or not—it really has been the truth, and has been my reality.
I’d get one foot in the water- so to speak, and then, almost get the second one in and ‘Voila’, someone needed me for something… my kids, husband, someone or something at church…  my Mother, other family… whoever.
Really, it didn’t matter who or what… they would always take precedence over my plan, or my goal.  Have ya’ll ever felt that way? Have you had, or do you have desires, goals, or a calling that just never seems to happen… you never seem to have time, etc, to act on ‘IT’?  I would imagine that you do, matter of fact I’d bet on it.  (I am in Las Vegas after all).
Let me first say, it has taken a little time and some work to realize this, but now that I am aware of this tendency… things are changing.
Here’s the real issue- at least for me.  I truly believe the calling that I feel, this fire or passion within me… is God’s calling.  This is to serve Him by sharing with others, through the gifts He has given me, His love and joy, and to encourage others.
 So when I put all these others things “first’, I am really putting them in front of HIM... YIKES- that hurts my heart!  It really changes everything… it’s one thing to put others before my ‘selfish’ desires, but to put them in front of Him—is like saying.. OK Lord.. wait just a sec, I gotta take care of this—Opps, sorry Lord, don’t have time for You.. I gotta take care of  ‘whatever’.  This is so wrong.  I don’t want to do that anymore!  I’m praying that He will show me each time I begin to do that, to make a decision for someone or something else instead of Him.
Does that change how you look at the ‘desire’, or the call, that you feel in your heart?
Our God has planted those desires INSIDE of you—When scripture says He will give you the desires of your heart—Well, HE is the one who puts them there, so He will give you the desire of your heart, but we can’t put Him behind everyone and everything else.
It is time to put BOTH feel in the water.. not just sticking our toes in and out, but KEEP them there, moving forward step by step and day by day.  
Just some thoughts
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