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My Mother came in for a few days to help host a Baby Shower for my sister and her new baby.  As she was leaving today, I began thinking how blessed we are that she is alive and we still have her with us.  She is a spunky lady, still drives… yes, she left here driving back to Mesa, AZ. by herself!  She loves her new grandchild and I think he gave her new lease on life, so to speak.  She is able to live alone, cooks and shops for herself, and is quite independent.  We are blessed.
As I continue on the thoughts of Thankfulness and Gratitude, here is the beginning of my Top 10.   Today are the first 5 of our countdown, and our next post will take us to the next five, and to my #1!


10 —
Favorite Foods – OK so this is silly compared to the ‘Big’ ones in life, but hey, I am thankful for chocolate, especially brownies, Ice cream, (Hot Fudge Brownie sundae is heavenly),  Filet mignon, cooked medium rare,  pizza, hamburger and fries, milk shakes (oh yea, that’s ice cream again).  Let’s add Reese’s peanut butter cups, red licorice, popcorn with butter and salt.  (Yep, it’s a little heavy on the junk food side =)  
9 — 
My dog Sashie – she’s a little white Bichon. She is so sweet and sits on my lap most of the time. She and I take walks every day (unless it’s cold, or rainy, or the wind is blowing too strong, in which case my ‘honey’, Bill, takes her out.)
8 —
Cars- I love to drive.  I enjoy road trips, usually by myself, and most of the time,  it’s the pedal to the metal, Whoo Hoo California here I come!
7 —
Music – to listen to, to sing, to share, to worship, to dance, music everywhere.
6 — 
United States – We still live in a land of freedom.  I love our country and it’s heritage.  Although we have issues and struggles, we are still  “One nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.”  I want to do all I can to ensure that it stays that way.    


See the next five on my next post, countdown to #1 of Gratitude.


Blessings for a wonderful Thanksgiving week!


“Have A Grateful Day” 



QUESTION:  What’s on your Top 10 list?

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