Cabbage & Friends


For us, St. Patrick’s day is about meeting with our friends and having a good time.  Oh, and I love cabbage.  This was our fifth year of sharing this ‘holiday’ with our friends T & P.  We went bowling and then out to lunch.  It has been a while … maybe a year since we have gotten together. Between Bill’s travel schedule, illness in my friend’s family, and various other things, it just hasn’t worked out until now.  We had our favorite food, corn beef and cabbage (and I had double cabbage, which is my tradition).


It was wonderful! We started in just as if we had seen each other yesterday.  Isn’t that so cool?  I love the fact that friends of the heart are easy.  You can just be yourself, talk about ‘whatever’, good, bad, or normal stuff. 

It’s the getting together and just letting it happen that makes it special.  So T & P, I love you guys, you blessed our day, and I can’t wait ’til we are back in the ‘hood’ together.


You, too, have those special people.  If it’s been a while since you have seen them, maybe now is a good time to reach out and make a connection.  Sometimes it’s a phone call, or get together for coffee (or other beverage).  It is truly the relationships in our lives that bring us joy and give our lives meaning.  

When scriptures says “… lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven….”  (Matthew 6:20), I think part of that is the relationships that we cultivate.  These are our treasures.

If you are in a season where you feel alone and don’t have close relationships, then maybe begin to reach out,open your heart and pray that God will bring someone special to your life.  When your heart is open, it is amazing what God will do.

relaxed senior couple standing in the sunflower garden
‘Til next time



QUESTION:    How can you reach out to someone who is special to you?

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