Can we ‘learn’ it?


Contentment is an inner sufficiency – a satisfaction found through the depth of one’s own life with God, independent of his or her surrounds.


I don’t know who wrote the above saying, but I really like it and wanted to share it with you today.  I think so many times we are prone to base our contentment, our happiness, our joy, on our circumstances.  When we do this we tend to ‘react’ to what comes our way.  We sometimes allow the circumstances to have power over us and dictate our thoughts and lives.  

When we have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation,  as Paul states in Phil. 4:12, then I think we look at our circumstances and the issues in our lives through different lenses.  

We can move through the difficulties knowing that our God is bigger than all that ‘stuff’ out there.  We can be encouraged that there is more, that our God loves and accepts us.  We believe His word that tells us that He has plans for us that are independent of what is happening around us.  We can walk through the outer cloud of chaos while our heart remains in peace.  We can discover true peace and contentment in  our hearts.

That is really what choosing to be happy and content is all about.

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Question:  Do you agree that one can ‘learn’ to be content?

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