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Public speaking is listed as American’s number-one fear, before death at number five, and loneliness, weighing in at number seven. Guess that means that most of us are less afraid of dying alone than of making fools of ourselves in front of others.

When you are asked to speak or introduce yourself do you get nervous? Sweaty palms? Do you feel like you want to throw up? I know that feeling!

Whether it’s a basic intro, your 1-minute at a networking event, a business presentation or prepare for a Ted-talk you can learn the skills to excel, be calm and confident.

As a little girl my Dad would always put me on the spot to sing for the family or friends. It made me feel awkward, uncomfortable and I didn’t know what to do.  What am I supposed to sing (say)? Do they really want to hear me?  Will they make fun of me? Is my Dad crazy?

Have you ever had those thoughts when you are put on the spot?

Through the years I’ve learned what to do, the tips and tricks to be comfortable, and own the stage. I want to share what I’ve learned with you so you can be calm and confident when someone asks you… So what do you do?  or Tell me about yourself.

In the SPEAK EASY Workshop we will go over:

  • What to do
  • What to say
  • How to stand
  • How to calm the nerves
  • What to do with your hands
  • How to walk on stage/platform or in the room

Would this make you feel better and more comfortable? Then join me.  I will be holding these workshops in Las Vegas and in Kansas City.  Check it out and get your ticket.

The Level 1 – Up Close & Personal

Starts this month – see below

This is a beginning level workshop to focus on the Basic 1-2-3 of speaking.  Lessons in how to prepare yourself as you enter a room, to stand and speak.  You’ll learn tips to relieve your anxiety, calm your nerves, and gain confidence to stand up and introduce yourself and/or your business.




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Life is Not a Matter of Chance – It’s a Matter of Choice.

Choose Wisely and Go Make it a Great Week – And Make a Difference as You Go.



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Voice from the Past



It was a beautiful sunny day in Pacadena, CA.  I was driving in from Las Vegas, crossing the city on the I-210.  I can still see the day in my mind. My cell phone rang and I didn’t recognize the phone number, but felt compelled to answer.  (I don’t know about you but many times I don’t answer a call if I don’t recognize the number, and I’ll let it go to voice mail).


Not that day, I answered – a voice from my past. It was a friend that I hadn’t talked to since… gosh around 1971-72.  

 “Hi Dee, it’s Sherry Rambin from LC”.  Once she spoke I did recognize her.  WOW! was I surprised and thrilled.  That however wasn’t the only surprise.  She told me she had been listening to the radio and they played the song, “Let There Be Peace on Earth”, she thought of me and searched for a way to connect. Why? I asked her.  


She remembered me singing the song to a group of kids at a special school in Pineville, LA.  Sherry and I, as well as my roommate Martha Huffstetler, taught Sunday School for these special kids. I don’t recall singing the song, but she did.  Funny, isn’t it.  Sometime we make profound impact on people and we often don’t even know it.  We had a great visit and connected on FB, and YES, she is the same College friend who filmed our momentous event in the Grand Canyon. THANKS SHERRY for that phone call.


She inspired me to record this song, so I’m sharing it with you – a little New Year’s gift to you.  


Let There Be Peace on Earth.  Peace in our homes, neighborhoods, families, schools, churches…

Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with…. Me!  




Shalom –


Life is Not a Matter of Chance – It’s a Matter of Choice.

Choose Wisely! Go Out and Make a Difference!




FACEBOOK – https://www.facebook.com/delinda.layne

FUN FEARLESS FEMALE COMMUNITY – https://www.facebook.com/groups/829734357164896/?ref=br_rs

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