Arrgh- I’m stuck!


My childhood friend was in town a couple of weeks ago and as we were talking she told me that she was surprised when I told her that when I ‘hit the wall’ in my music endeavors that I went looking for a coach.  It seemed like a very natural thing to me.  I was stuck!  I had done everything I knew to do: new website, just finished a new CD, was on iTunes, ReverbNation, Amazon, etc.  It wasn’t enough.  I knew there was more ahead, more that God wanted for me but I didn’t know how to access it.  Have you ever been there – maybe you are there now.


I went on a hunt to find an ‘Artist’ coach. It took a little searching but I found the Coach that is right for me.  This is a very important part of reaching out for help, finding the person that is the right fit for you. Here are some ideas as you are searching:

  • Always reach out to someone who has been there, done that (they can’t lead you to where they have never gone

  • Look for someone with your same values.  I knew a needed a spirit filled Christian that would help me see where God wanted me to go

  • Be ready to listen – I have a strong personality and it is easy for me to want to take over and go my way.  Keep in mind, if you are going to pay someone to direct you, be willing to listen.

  • Make sure your personalities blend.  I need someone who is going to tell it like it is, but with some degree of kindness.  I don’t like being bullied, directed yes, bullied no.  Your styles of leadership need to match or blend.


Those of you who have been to any of the Fun Fearless Female Conferences may have heard me tell the story about how I called her for ‘music’ advice and she told me I was a speaker.  No I’m not, I’m a singer, I said.  She was right. I am both. I have been speaking and teaching for most of my life, but never called it that, I just did it. Does that make sense?


You may have gifts that you haven’t discovered yet.  You may be doing something already, and not even realized that is your next step. Sometimes it is so natural, so easy, that you don’t think it is important.


Reach out. Find a strong leader that will advise and guide you, whether you pay them or not.  If you are stuck, reach out for help! It can be about your life, career, or a creative venture.  Whatever is important to you. What are you waiting for?


(BTW – my coach is Lynn Barrington, (  She spoke at our KC Conference and blessed the ladies. She will probably be surprised when she reads this. My thanks to her for helping me to see that there really is more, and I am living it now.) 


‘Til Next Time –



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Tips & Kicks . . .

Sash in suitcaseSasha is helping –  I pack our suitcases with the things we will need first

and things I want to know exactly where they are.

This is move in week – Yea!  I am ready to get moved in and settled.  The painting and the changes have been made, now it’s clean the carpets and the final touches.  


The house is empty so we have all week to begin taking things over there before the actual movers come on Friday for the furniture.  My plan is to have all the clothes in the closets and the kitchen set up before the furniture arrives.

My friend Marian sent me a message with an idea that I think is great, and as a matter of fact, I’ve already done it.  


From Marian:


I have some moving experience as well and these are a couple of my tips — you probably already do these and maybe moving within the same town is a little different, but these work for me.


1.  Pack the coffee pot, coffee cups (plus throw away cups for workers) paper towels, coffee in a kitchen box with stars on it.  First to open and have a cup of coffee while watching others carry heavy boxes.


2.  In a bedroom dresser drawer, pack sheets, pillows, towels, & soap, toilet paper.  First thing you should do is make your bed so you can fall into it that night.  Towels in case you have enough energy to shower.  Then you don’t have to open boxes before being able to sleep.

 Those are my 2 best tips.  Marian


 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 


NEXT – the ‘Kicks’. It’s all about the SHOES =).   My friend Vicki has her closet so organized and I loved this idea so much I copied her.  I used to waste so much time opening and closing shoe boxes trying to find the one I wanted to wear, and now it is a breeze.

So two moves ago as I packing up the Master bedroom, I took a picture of each pair of shoes before I packed them.  I made a copy of all the pictures and then taped the picture on the end of each box, so now I don’t have to guess or wonder.  I can see what shoes are in which box.  Yes, it took a little time, but really worth it.


That’s it for now.  Have a wonderful week!


(Oh and BTW, I hope you see my new DISQUS box to make comments.  I’d love for you to do a quick ‘Hi” so I can see how it is working.  Many of you have sent me private messages indicating that it was hard to send a message… and  you were right.  This should make it better. Please let me know.  Really, you can just say ‘Hi’ and I’ll know that it is working.)


Blessings to you all. 

‘Til next time –



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Life can change…On a Dime


Life can change on a dime . . . Not sure what that really means – But – YEP, it’s true. The week started off helping my sister make a move out of her consignment shop location.  She had been on month to month lease and the landlord walked in and doubled the rent, yikes!  Staying wasn’t an option at that rate, so we moved out of the location.  By Wednesday it was all done, I got up, went to get my hair cut, and then I got a text from Bill.  ‘Important – call me!”


Bill had gone to lunch and when he came home he saw that we had been vandalized.  They smashed in the patio door, opened all the drawers and cabinets, found the safe and carried right out the front door. What nerve! The cabinets were all empty as I’ve been packing and am 90% ready for our move next week– so too bad for them.  But as I mentioned they took the safe. My favorite jewelry was in there, along with checks for bank accounts, passports, driver’s license copies, SS cards, and birth certificates.  All of our identification was in there. Oh, and BTW we live in a gated community and felt like we were relatively secure. I guess it really was a false sense of security.


  • They did NOT hurt my puppy – so thankful!  

  • We were gone and no one was hurt.  Thank the Lord truly that Bill didn’t interrupt them.

  • ‘Stuff’ can be replaced, we do have insurance and special insurance on jewelry.

Certainly the plans I had for the week totally changed, so now it is filing police report, insurance updates, glass for patio door, new SS cards, etc.  Bummer!



Here are a few things I have learned

  • Call police, and any security in the area where you live
  • Don’t put everything in one place – spread it out
  • Safe – bolt it to the floor or don’t put all your ID info in there
  • Safe deposit box is probably a better idea
  • Close bank accounts ASAP and open new ones – which means new debit cards as well
  • Notify the 3 credit agencies and SSA

1.) Equifax: 1-800-525-62851-800-525-6285  
2.) Experian (formerly TRW): 1-888-397-3742 1-888-397-3742  
3.) Trans Union : 1-800-680 7289 1-800-680 7289  
4.) Social Security Administration (fraud line):  1-800-269-0271 


  • Change EMAIL password right away – and consider making it a 2-step process (I had 3 overseas hits this morning trying to get in my account)  Once they get into your email they get access to all your email and messages which may contain other banking info)

  • Change all online passwords – banking and all other online services

  • New Driver’s license (DL) numbers – local DMV (We had our DL with us, but we had copies in the safe in case we lost them and needed the numbers)

  • New SS cards – forms are online then take to SSA in person (must have VALID Driver’s license, so don’t take the temporary one issued at DMV, must wait for official new card – SSA said to go to SSA first then change Driver’s license.  Not sure I agree but we do have to wait until DL comes in the mail)

  • New Passports – forms online but must be taken in person.  Again you must have valid DL.

We’ve also decided to add Lifelock, ( which you may have heard of and has been highly recommended.  I’ll let you know on that.  In addition we are including other security measures.

As with many things in life we can’t change what happened, but we can choose how we look at the events in our life, how to move forward, and what changes we can make. 


Many of you saw my posting on Facebook and have been praying for us. We so appreciate it.  God is so good and He is a Redeemer of all things.  I am not going to worry and fret, wring my hands and cry. We will make changes as necessary and keep on believing in the good in people and that God will take care of it.

Blessings to you all. Be safe.

‘Til next time –



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Numbers – Friend or Foe


Numbers – they can be friend or foe.  Today is a fact day.  A little fact-finding for your business.

This doesn’t mean business isn’t personal or that I don’t care about the people who I do business with, etc., today is just a business side of things to give perspective and to help define the parameters.  (We will assume that your heart is already where it needs to be).

Many of you know that I was a Mary Kay Pink Cadillac Director for a number of years and to reach this level and maintain it, it became important to look at the facts behind the business. I like the fact that numbers don’t lie.

Today, I was talking to a good friend and she was trying to set some goals in her business.  She is in sales and to accomplish her goals we discussed some ideas to help her get where she wants to go.


You need to know Your numbers.

  • What is it you want? Define the goal, number of customers, or number of appointments, earn a car, win a trophy, etc. 
  • What does that mean?  If it is to win a trophy, what does that take?  How many people, etc.? It’s up to YOU to know the rules and the requirements.
  • How many people do you need to ask in order to get one ‘Yes’? For instance, if you are booking appointments, on YOUR average, how many people do you need to ask to get a ‘Yes’.  If it is a new customer, how many demonstrations or appointments do YOU need to hold to get one customer. (Remember this is about you and your average, not any one else’s, so be honest with yourself).
  • How many of those ‘Yes’ answers will become a customer? (again this is based on Your numbers)

So once you figure out those numbers, then  you are ready. Break it down into steps.

This friend wants 300 New customers this year, isn’t that great?  A big goal but it can be achieved by breaking it down into steps.

For your goal, and based on your answers to the above questions, how many people will you need to talk to and ask, in order to get the customer?



How many phone calls to get appointment?
How many appointments to get a customer?
How many customers to reach your goal?
If this goal is to be accomplished in a year, then how many appointments per month, and then per week, do you need to accomplish the goal?

None of us want to be a ‘number’, but when you are setting goals, particularly in a sales business, it is necessary to look at numbers. Actually, I find it re-assuring.  I can’t control others but I can control my efforts.  That way, when someone tells me ‘No’ that just takes me one step closer to a ‘Yes’.  It doesn’t become as personal and isn’t as much a rejection as it is just part of doing business.


1 -2 3 Let’s GO!



‘Til next time



QUESTION:    Do you  like numbers?  Can you see how they can actually be helpful to you in your business?

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