Choose YOU!


Choose YOU!  We’ve been talking about choices, and I think it is important to realize that it is OK… actually better than OK, to choose YOU!

A friend of mine is stepping out and making a choice for her, and I am so proud of her. Since I didn’t ask permission to share her name, I’m going to call her Susie (which is my favorite name when using examples =).

Susie is really talented.  She has a heart for God and loves Jesus, and just loves to share how He works in her life and share His message.

She shares a lot on FB and sometimes writes longer messages.  I see an emerging writer and suggested she start a blog.  Well, much to my surprise she tells me she has wanted to write a book and do some other things but has been hesitate to do it.  She pulls herself back and has hard time believing in herself… until NOW! 

Here are some steps she took and that you might want to consider.

1 – Know what it is you want to do (she wanted to write, and a blog seemed a good place to start.)

2 – Find out how to begin a Blog (she went online to find out some blogging info)

3 – Research what others are doing to use as a guide. (She went to my blog and several others to see ‘how’ it is done and get ideas)

4 – Reach out to experts. (I suggested she look at the info that Michael Hyatt has out there, and learn from the pro.  She did.)

5 – Decide to do it.  Everything starts with a Decision.

6 – DO IT! It doesn’t have to be perfect.  It changes all the time, so go with the flow.  You can change your format, your colors, your template, the details, etc.  (I’ve changed mine several times)

arms out

She is starting her blog this week.  YAY!  She left the fear behind, stepped out. YOU CAN TOO!


STEP OUT!  Writing, baking, sewing, painting, volunteering, WHATEVER – Go For It!

Choose YOU!  Choose what God has for you and the blessings that are waiting…just around the corner.

Blessings!  Feel free to share.



QUESTION: What is thing you would most like to do… for You? Admitting it to yourself is the first step.

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