I Will Remember…



written by Joanna Carlson


This is a song I recorded last year, written by Joanna Carlson.  I share it with you because this is Holy week and I want to remember.  I want to be really mindful of what this time means to us as Believers. To take some time each day to reflect and to think, to pay attention.  


I started watching Christian movies this weekend, and am going to continue throughout this week. Now I realize that ‘movies’ aren’t the true scripture and they aren’t the perfect representation of God’s Word, far from it.  ONLY His Word is that. So of course, I will be reading the Word, the Bible, and asking God to show me what He has for me.

The thing is that movies help me, as a visual learner, to see the pictures of the events. Several have been really bad, and some of them really good. Sunday night I watched The Passion of the Christ. It broke my heart. It is so visual, makes it so real. It made me appreciate His sacrifice all the more.


It made me weep for my Savior, to think He chose to endure the ridicule, the pain, the suffering and rejection… for me and for you. He didn’t have to, He chose to. Not only that, but it showed the inhumanity of man toward each other. They laughed at Him, enjoyed causing Him pain, they wanted to kill Him.  Why as people do we do this to each other? Why do we bomb each other? Why do people go into schools and community centers and kill? Why do men kidnap and force young girls into sex trafficking? Our world is fallen. It is evil.

That why He came. To save us… from sin… from ourselves.

So this week I want to remember His pain, His sacrifice, and most of all His Love! Love so amazing, so divine, demands my soul, my heart, my all.


‘Til Next Time. . .





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