Countdown to Moving Day


Here we are again – another move – releasing more stuff – and loving it!  I know – Crazy, huh?


If you have been following over the last month or so, you know we are re-locating here in Las Vegas.   As I have begun the packing process I have taken a load of ‘stuff’ to my Mother in Phoenix, traveled to KC to deliver ‘stuff’ to my kids, and have made….  ummm, I think five trips to Goodwill. Along with that we have had two car leases that have reached term, and so have returned the cars.  My life is getting lighter by the minute.

Sometimes when you move it is quick and you just do it the fastest way possible and get on with it.  If on the other hand you have time, then you can plan and strategize about the best and most efficient way to handle it.

That is my case, and so I have begun.  Each drawer, closet, or other area there are items to keep, giveaway, sell, or trash.  

For the things that are ‘keep’ here are a few tips on Packing:

  • Mark boxes to ‘house’ or to ‘storage’

  • Label contents specifically (K-mixer/attach, large pans and mix bowls, etc)

  • Mark on outside of box in three places – On top and then mark on 2 adjacent sides (this is so when you stack them, depending on how they fit in the storage area or your garage, you can read the label and not have to open or re-arrange each time you go looking for something.)  It takes a little more time but so worth it!

  • If you have room, as you pack your boxes take them to garage and keep in separate areas, those marked ‘storage’ and those marked ‘house’.  This keeps your house from feeling so overwhelming with boxes stacked everywhere, and if you are selling your house and have showings, it shows much better without all the boxes inside the house.

  • Deliver boxes to storage, and any items that you know will be stored for a while


My goal is by the time I have access to the house, all the ‘storage’ things will be in storage, and the ‘house’ items will be ready to go to the house, and all that will be left is the furniture and big items on moving day.


More details later as the ‘Fun’ continues.  Next time I’ll share about my numbering system.  (Oh, and for those of you who are new to my blog, this is our 15th move in 35 years…. and we are still together =)  The first 30 years were building and gathering.  Now we are releasing, and it feels great.


Blessings on a great week!

‘Til next time –



QUESTION:  Do you find it easy to release things in your life or do find you tend to resist?

TALK to me – I’d love to hear from you!  (see Comment box below)


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