Discover Your WOW!


You have a ‘WOW’ factor! YES! You Do! Some say ‘IT’ factor or the ‘X’ factor.  My favorite is WOW!

I hear so many people say:

  • I don’t have any gifts

  • I don’t do anything special

  • I guess God forgot me 

That makes me so sad and it hurts me to hear it! My friends, the great news is – YES YOU DO!


If I only had one soapbox to stand on this would be it.  (This and we all have choices =)  I am convinced that we miss opportunities in our life, we miss blessings, job opportunities, having great relationships, and the world is left wanting, because we don’t own up to the gifts and talents that God has given us.


Think about it for a minute… are there any 2 fingerprints that are the same? I mean identical? NO!  There is only 1 fingerprint for you, one person as unique and special as you, and only you can touch the lives of the people around you in your unique way. 


Yikes – right!  It can be a little frightening, a little disarming, but also very powerful.  We’ve talked before that we all have different kinds of gifts and that sometimes they are loud and out there, (you know, kind of like mine.  I love being on stage and sharing with the world.  But that is my gift.) 

  • You may be the gentle friend who can touch a hurting heart.  

  • You may be called to serve others through a particular ministry in your church.  

  • You may be the only one at your office who can ease tension and bring a smile – and that can be crucial and so important.  (As a matter of fact, I have a great friend who is in a high stress RE job, and from the stories she tells I know God is using her to be a peacemaker, to bring subtle change in people’s hearts.)

  • You may be great at crafts and you share your unique vision and art with others

  • You may be a great cook and always wanted to open a restaurant or bakery.

  • You may love taking care of children for those who need help (So many parents need babysitters who love the kids)

  • You may need to write the next best-selling book


What is your WOW?  The first question to discovery is:

What do you know that you know about yourself?  

Think about that, the truth will come. The next is choosing what  you are going to do with it.


If you ever want to CHAT about it, you can PM me.  I’d love to help you Discover Your WOW!




Question:  Do you know your WOW factor?

I’d love to hear from you!  Leave a message below.

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