HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Are you all about resolutions and trying new things?  Have you looked at last year and decided changes to make?  Well, that is NOT what I want to share with you today. WHEW!  Aren’t you glad? No lists, no things to do.


Many of you know that the last two years for me have been about ‘Releasing’.  Yes, releasing ‘stuff’, control, my thoughts releasing areas in my schedule, releasing THINGS.  There’ve been places in my heart and mind that God has worked on me to release to a new way of thinking and living.


Now this year, I feel like this is going to be a year of Discovery.  I can already feel God beginning to show me new things about myself.  I have a big new project… ummmm am I ready to let the news out????  This blog has been a part of it as well as the speaking opportunities that I have had this year.  I might wait a little longer to tell you, but let me just say, it is a new thing I have ‘Discovered’ about myself and about God.


If you were to put a name on a theme for your New year… what would it be?  So funny, as I shared with my sister about 2015 being my year of Discovery, she said her’s a year of ‘Restoration’.  


What is yours?  What do you feel God is telling you?  

  • Adventure

  • Discovery

  • Recovery

  • Releasing

  • Restoration

  • Rejuvenate

  • Rest


(Gosh a lot of these words are “R”… I’ll have to think on that.)

This isn’t about Resolutions or a list of ‘To Dos’ or ‘Don’t Dos’.  It’s about direction.  Where do you see God leading you?


This year I’ll look forward to seeing what God will help us ‘Discover’ about each other.


Til Next Time –

Many Blessings – 2015 the Best we’ve Ever Seen!




Question:  What do you think is your ‘theme’ of 2015?

See Comment box below – I’d love to hear from you!






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