Do Unto Yourself…Again


Be kind and loving to yourself. Sometimes I know that’s hard. The truth is, we really can’t ….love your neighbor as yourself,… if you don’t love yourself.  I’m not talking about the outward, egotistical, prideful, I’m all that, kind of thoughts, but rather, how you feel in your heart. You are beautiful in God’s eyes, no matter what you’ve been through or done.  He loves you, no matter what! Isn’t that awesome!

This weekend, I was blessed to attend a women’s conference, Refres[her], here in Las Vegas.  It was wonderful seeing God at work and moving in our midst.  When we open our hearts to what He wants to show us, and are willing to see ourselves as He sees us, we can then be free of whatever holds us back.  Most of us have had heartaches, addictions, disappointments, betrayals, etc.  Sometimes we allow those things to define us, but that is not how God sees us.  He created us in His image, with gifts, talents, and love.  If we allow ourselves to see our image through His eyes, it will change everything.

This video was shown at the conference and was such a blessing, that I just have to share it with you.  No matter how you see yourself, God sees you beautiful, through His eyes of love. That’s where change begins, our choices, our picture, our lives.

Enjoy and be blessed.



QUESTION:   Do you believe you are beautiful in God’s eyes?  What is holding you back?

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