Eat an Elephant


What have you been putting off?  Is there something you have been wanting to do, and just haven’t gotten started?  I think many of us know that feeling.  So often the end result seems so big that we have a hard time figuring how or what to do Next. I love the saying, You can eat an elephant – one bite at a time. You can do anything you want and achieve any goal or dream by taking One Step at  a Time!


So – Break it down. Here’s a couple of hints:

1- WRITE it down – what is IT that you want?

2- Make a list of what it will take.

  • money

  • time per week

  • time per day

  • gather the information you need

  • ask others who have done it for input


3- Ask yourself how much time are you WILLING to give? What is it worth to you in terms of commitment, time and money?


4- This is the most important question to ask yourself  in order to get moving forward:


  • Get online and look for info

  • Make a call

  • Make your list

  • Meet someone for coffee to get advice or gather info

  • ________________ (Fill in the blank)


For today, take 1 step, then tomorrow take 1 step.  You’ll be amazed and feel great that you got started!


Our daily choices determine our future!


‘Til Next Time –



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Question: What step can you do TODAY to take you 1 step closer to your goal?

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