Femininity – what a word!



Over the year we have talked several times about being Fearless and stepping out of our comfort zone.  As I think about the whole concept of being a Fun Fearless Female, I realize I haven’t talked at all about being ‘female’. We use many words, female, woman, lady, but within all of these is the concept of femininity. This may seem to a little strange, but ladies, I’d love to know:  what does femininity mean to you?  

I’ve been talking to my friends here in Las Vegas, and getting some great responses. I’d like to hear from a broader range and different parts of the country … so ladies…. help me out.


You can answer on here where others can read, send me a private message on FB, OR send me an email.  delinda@delindalayne.com  THANKS so much!


Of course there is no right or wrong answer… just your answer.  It’s a word that conjures up many thoughts and it may depend on a variety of things.

The dictionary defines it: the quality of being female; womanliness.   I think it means a lot more than that. 


It may depend

  • on your age

  • on your upbringing

  • on where you are from, what part of the country

  • on your relationship with your family, your Mother

SO…… what does Femininity mean YOU?

Oh, and you  guys, if you are reading this you may want to switch off … BUT if you’d like to answer from your perspective, that would be fun.  Guys what does Femininity mean to you?


Talk to me – I’d love to hear your thoughts!


‘Til Next Time –


2015 –the Best We’ve Ever Seen! 

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