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Hi there –  I am glad you are interested in being Fun & Fearless. What does FUN & FEARLESS mean anyway?

It’s not about being perfect, a model, or chosen.  It is about choosing what you want in life, facing our fears and having fun!  Is it a person? Is it  a way to look at life?  Is it an attitude? YES!  It’s all of that and more. It is about walking in faith and confidence.  Faith in who you are and what gifts you have. It is knowing your WOW Factor and sharing it with the world!

This is what I do. I teach ways to overcome our fears, learn ways to walk in a room with confidence, and add more fun into our lives.

Whether to a large group, workshop, or breakout session, I share the keys to making different choices so they can experience more success in their lives.  I find that most people want to have more confidence, less stress, and better relationships. Often they are stuck and just don’t know the next step to take to change their life.  If you want to know about this I’d love to chat with you!


  • The Keys to becoming Fun and Fearless
  • How to Turn Stress into Energy
  • One word that can change your life
  • Freedom from Guilt
  • You are NOT your  “Stuff”

Delinda on the ‘Shades of Blond’ broadcast.

How it all started.


I offer a complete conference, FUN FEARLESS FEMALE – WOW THE WORLD!

This is available as a complete package with step by step information.

Ask me about booking a conference as a Fund-Raiser for your group.

I hold a special Conference for Women –

WOW THE WORLD   – Watch for details


DELINDA LAYNE                    702.510.1212      

Delinda is also the President & Founder of a Non- Profit Women’s Ministry

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