Getting ‘Un-Stuck’ 1-2-3


I’m Stuck – What do I do now?  How do I take the next step?  Have you ever asked yourself these questions?  The truth is I believe as long as we are growing and changing, we will often find ourselves at this crossroad.   This is a process I have gone to on numerous occasions in my life.  I  make a goal, and if it is long-term goal that involves a lot of steps, sometimes I find myself  –  Stuck.

I have a process that has helped me, maybe it’ll help you also.

I’m stuck – what to do next?

  1. Make an assessment of where you are
  2. Reaffirm and define the goal
  3. What is the game plan (this maybe where you are stuck.  Unsure of the next step.)
  4. Reach Out by reaching up
  5. Follow directions or advice you have received
  6. Start the process.

I’ll be sharing about my journey in this process, but for now, if you are stuck and want to get ‘Un-Stuck’, you may need help, so look around and reach out.  Many of you may learn by reading and research, great, there are lots of sources out there.  That is not my forte, I like the personal one on one approach.  I take direction well, I listen and then try to ‘own it’.  Even when I find I am being resistant, I make myself look at the suggestions and my desire to be ‘un-stiuck”.

My desire  to move forward is usually greater than my initial resistance.  I find I must be willing to make changes, to open myself up to new possibilites, even if I don’t want to, at the moment.  If I want something more and want the abundant life that I believe is ahead, I need to allow God to change me.

Like me, you may find that you like the journey of getting ‘Un-Stuck.’.  It’s like a gift waiting to be unwrapped.  Once we untie the bow, and open it up, the blessing is waiting inside for us.

Many Blessings


QUESTION:   What do you do when you get stuck?  Any advice to my readers?

I’d love your comments – see area below.

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