Girlfriends are the Best!

Hey girls–

Don’t you just love your girlfriends?  You know, the ones you can really share your life.  The ones you can  be honest, crazy, laugh, and cry.  The friends that love you  ‘anyway’… or maybe in ‘spite of’. 

Our church has a group of ladies called ‘G.I.F.Ts’, meaning Girls in Friendship Together.  These are great women, they love the Lord, get together each week for a book study.  The study can range from a book in the Bible, or an outside source that teaches about ourselves and our relationship with Christ.

I haven’t been regular for the last year or so, and they invited me to come and join in with them and share what God is doing in my life.  As we all chatted and shared with each other, it became so evident how much we really need each other.  We took the time to share with each person how much they mean to us, or how their life is making a difference.  I really believe each lady left feeling better and happy to have shared the time together.

I invite you to get together with some girlfriends, maybe go to lunch or grab a quick iced tea, and share how much you appreciate that person.  Most of the time they don’t know how we feel, unless we tell them. Don’t you love it when someone says nice things about you?

It was such a blessing to me to share with the ‘girls’.  You might want to share with some friends how much they mean to you.  Reach out and make a couple of calls, and ask them to share some good news in their life, let them know you were thinking of them.  No one ever minds being told they are appreciated, or loved.  You can make their day.. or even their week.  Not only will they be blessed because of you-YOU will be blessed by doing it.

Try it– You’ll like it!


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