Go Find Your YES . . .

Say Yes

I love the word YES!  Don’t you? Whether it is YES to having lunch with a friend, to a sale, a new opportunity, new job, or a new adventure. YES is a Fun answer!


There is just one catch – (my very own quote =)  . . .


“If you Don’t Ask . . . they Can’t Say YES!” 


That’s right, you have to ask!

  • If you don’t call and invite a friend to lunch – they can’t say Yes.

  • If a guy doesn’t ask his girlfriend to marry him – she can’t say Yes.

  • If a child doesn’t ask for a puppy – the Mom or Dad can’t say Yes.

  • If you don’t ask for a raise – your boss can’t say Yes.

  • If you don’t ask for the sale – the client can’t say Yes.


We often are so afraid that the answer … to whatever the question… is going to be NO, that we don’t ask.


When I was a Director in Mary Kay, I found that many of the consultants were afraid to get a NO, because they felt that it was a personal rejection.  Think about it like this.  They are saying no to the opportunity or to the product.  Often they are saying no because they don’t have enough information, they don’t understand the benefits, or because they don’t understand what is required.  In most cases they are not saying no to you.  They are not saying, I don’t like you… you did a bad job… or you are no good… all those crazy things we say to ourselves.


Recently at church I asked two ladies if they would like to help on a committee. They both said YES and thanked me for asking.  Isn’t that cool?!  What a blessing to me, and I think they are being blessed as well. They feel connected, making new friends, and seem to be enjoying it.


If you are afraid or hesitate to ask for what you want – Ask anyway . . . they might say YES!  and actually thank you.


Ask – Go find your YESes!


Go out and make it a great day!



Question:  Do you find that you hesitate to ask for something because you are afraid they will say ‘No”? Are you willing to go for it and ask anyway?


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