Go for the Overflow . . .


So often we say I want … to lose weight, get a new job, go on a cruise, take a family vacation, etc.  The problem is we talk and talk about it but never really do anything.  


A friend of mine wanted to take a family vacation but it wasn’t in the family budget, so she made a definite plan to reach her goal. First she checked the info and found out how much it would cost to take the family on their dream vacation; the hotel, the theme park, food, etc.  Once she had that amount, in this case I think it was $3000.  She sat down with her family and they made a plan.  They all wanted to help.  Any extra jobs they took, babysitting, odd jobs, an extra hours that Mom or Dad worked went directly into the special bank account for the trip.  They had a big jar and would put money in until it was filled and then took to the bank to deposit in their Special’ account. Pretty great idea isn’t it.  They all helped.


Now here is a big part of this too.  They made it visual by making a big thermometer poster and kept it right in the kitchen for all to see.  Each time they put money in the account, they colored in the poster.  Imagine their excitement  when they reached the top! Actually went over – WOW! It was a success,  and they were able to go sooner than they thought.

Think on these things… the answers will give you that definite goal that you need.

  • What are you talking about?  

  • What is it that you want?

  • What will it take?

  • What are some steps you can take?

  • Who do you need to talk to?

  • When is your goal date?


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