God’s Miracles Happen Everyday

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I am thrilled to share this new original song with you, God’s Miracles. Everyday as we go on our way God’s miracles are around us. Many times we miss them, I think because we are just not paying attention.  It helps when we stop long enough to notice and then thank Him for them.  The more we notice, the more we thank Him, it seems the more there is to thank Him for… crazy huh?


This is so silly, but I just love it when I get a front row parking place.  The truth is I find them all the time, I mean really – like 99% of the time there is a front row parking spot waiting for me.  Now this drives my husband, Bill, a little crazy because he likes to just pull in and take the first spot, no matter where it is.  ‘Moi’ on the other hand, drives to the front of the building or store fully expecting that there will be a spot – and Voila – there it is!

You see, I believe that the reason we often miss the ‘spot’ or the miracle is because we don’t look.  God may have a wonderful blessing, a miracle, in place for us, but we miss it because  we’re not looking.  


Try it.  This week be open and aware. Ask God to show His blessings, His miracles.  I believe they are around us everywhere… everyday.


God’s Miracles – happen everyday

God’s Miracles – ordinary some say

God’s Miracles – come in big and small ways

Take a look and you will see

God’s Miracles for you and me


I hope you love the beat and rhythm of the song. That is Brian Kell on the drums. He and I co-wrote and arranged the song – YAY Brian!  I also hope it sticks in your brain with that catchy chorus. Sing it out loud and start noticing all the miracles in your life!

I‘d love to know your thoughts!


Many Blessings! ‘Til Next Time – 



Question:  What was your miracle today?  How about yesterday?  Did you have more than one?

TALK TO ME –  I’d love to hear from you!



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