Hang Back or Engage? It might be scary.

When you are in uncomfortable or a new environment do you hang back and watch OR do you smile, walk in and begin to engage in conversation?  When you face these new situations you have the opportunity to make new friends, meet your next client or maybe even find the answer to a problem you are having. You will never know until you open yourself up and give it a try.



First start with a smile.  You might be surprised how few people actually smile at each other, so when you smile, it encourages others to smile back.  Walking into a meeting, an event, or even visiting a church for the first time, can be intimidating and a little scary. So gear up, put your SMILE on, and just be ready to say HI!

I know this sounds so simple, so ordinary, but the truth is… it is extraordinary.  We have the chance to make a difference, and think how great it will be when most of the people start smiling because you  had the courage to do so.


That is the first step to engaging in conversation.  

The second step is simple also. Ready?  Ask the other person about THEM.  (It’s not about you…whew.  Doesn’t that make you feel better?!)  Yes, most everyone I’ve ever met likes to tell about themselves, so ask them… (Oh and make sure it is not a YES or NO kind of question.)


  • Where they work,

  • Are they married

  • Do they have children,

  • How long have they lived in town, or where do they live 

Oh and of course…

  • What do they do

The more interested you are in them the easier the conversation.  Trust me it is true.  (That’s another point, be interested in them, listen and be present in the conversation).

So there you go.  Engage the room by smiling and asking interesting questions. You will feel much better AND it will be easier the next time.


‘Til Next Time –



Life Is Not About Chance – It’s About Choice.  What are You Choosing Today?


Question:  What are two questions you can ask someone that you’ve never met before?

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