I Believe in you – Do you?


I believe in you – Do YOU Believe in YOU?  Most of the time I hear people say derogatory things about themselves.  Have you ever gotten a compliment and then said something like,  Oh no, not me?   Oh it was nothing,  Oh Shucks!  I see people stumble and hem haw around all the time.  How about just owning it and saying  Thank you!  Believing in yourself is acknowledging God’s gift to you.  When you downplay it, etc., it is showing disrespect to your Creator. 


I believe you – Isn’t it time you started believing in YOU?  Believe in who you are created to be.  To step into the greatness that is planted in your heart.  Not from an egotistical way but in gratitude.  


When we step into who we are, our gifts and talents, it shows gratitude in being a child of God and being thankful for the joy of using our gifts. When I speak or sing in front of a group it gives me such joy.  It is part of what I am created to do… and I am grateful for every opportunity.


I believe in You. How about you? Believing in yourself is the first step.


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