I didn’t want to cook…

For some reason I didn’t want to cook on Thanksgiving.  Some of my friends would say “What else is new?”  (ha ha )  We are ‘over turkey’ and haven’t cooked it for years.  Sometimes Bill will order it when we go out, but I love steaks so that is my usual order.  When my sister goes out with us, she likes salmon, (which I will never eat).  We all like different things.
So we went out – and it was great!  We had a super meal at one of our favorite spots, Bill and I both ordered our favorites including sharing  a yummy dessert.  It’s called ‘Fried Oreos’ and it is a little like a french beignet in taste and texture with crunchy chocolate in the middle… just heavenly!  We had a wonderful meal and really enjoyed ourselves.
Fresh and warm ‘Fried Oreos’ with vanilla ice cream
Now here is the interesting part.  The next day, on Friday, we went to the grocery store to get a few things. We decided to cook the several side dishes that we like, green bean casserole, dressing, sweet potatoes.  Well, I guess we need a meat to go with the sides,right? How about a turkey breast on the grill, that would be different, (well, at least for us as we haven’t ever done it that way).  DUH!  The bottom line, we cooked the traditional Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday.  
So I’ve been wondering why I didn’t want to do it ‘On’ Thanksgiving . . . and here’s what thoughts came to mind.  Maybe it’s the extra pressure of having to get up and think about it all. The shopping and planning that you do all week. Start as soon as you get up, all the preparation, wanting it to be just right, etc. When we did it on Saturday, it was just for fun, if the turkey didn’t come out well —  Not a big deal, right?  
Maybe we put too much pressure on ourselves.  Maybe it’s the extra drama, or trying to be perfect, or maybe just wanting to do something different. Ummm, what do you think?
As it turned out we loved our Thanksgiving Day choice, and we loved our dinner on Saturday!  It turned out to be a double blessing.


yummmmmmm . . .  all gone
* * * * *
As I was reading a post from Jenni Catron, I enjoyed reading her perspective.  From Jenni:
It’s usually the day after Thanksgiving that I slow down long enough to reflect and give thanks.
Truth is, sometimes the actual day of Thanksgiving brings out my most ungrateful self.
I anticipate family drama without being thankful that I have family.
I stress out over preparing my house for company rather than being grateful I have a house where I can host.
I get irritated when I forget an item on my shopping list rather than being thankful that I can make a quick trip back to the store.
I fuss over setting the table perfectly rather than being grateful I have a table to set. 
The list could go on…  
Here’s Jenni’s link  for the rest of her post –  Jenni Catron

* * * * *

Always something to think about.




QUESTION:  What do you think?  Do we put extra pressure on ourselves and then not enjoy our time as much as we could?

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