I Love Birthdays!


In our family September is the birthday month.  Actually about mid-Aug we begin the birthday celebrations.  My Mother who just turned 86, Aug 15, and is doing Great- YAY Mother!  Then my son Justin, Aug. 20, new little nephew Brighton is Aug. 30.  


September brings Bill’s sister Pat, who is happily celebrating 80 – She is unbelievable and is my inspiration.  She plays tennis a few times a week, is consistently performing in local theater and choral groups –  I want to be just like her – GO PAT!!! (Of course I really should start now if I want to match her energy and activity level.) Next is Bill, then my sister, Charisse.  I think there are a few more, nieces and maybe a nephew in September, but I don’t remember the dates.


The point is, I love birthdays!  It celebrates the person, being alive and experiencing all that life has to offer.  I particularly like balloons, cake, and ice cream!  I know, I know…. the SUGAR! But come on, what’s better than cake and ice cream… other than a hot fudge brownie sundae!


We are in Hilton Head, South Carolina, area this weekend for the big ’80’ party with Bill’s family, Pat’s three sons are here, plus their families.  We cooked all day, OK, to be honest the men cooked all day, and we helped by doing the clean up behind them and the dishes afterwards.  


Of course there was plenty of food – always. It seems all you do at these gatherings is EAT! Here’s a pic of one of the food tables.  Food provides the atmosphere for catching up, getting to know each other, and sharing stories.


IMG_1932 12002121_10206394798487205_3168916860595069735_n

We decided it takes a village to throw a party. We had about 60 people over at her house for a great party and dinner.  A perfect time for sharing and celebrating.


Oh yes, there is the follow up breakfast – Larson Swedish pancake breakfast,

with all the fixings, bacon eggs, lingonberries and coffee!

justn pancake

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY, whenever you birthday is!  Each day is a blessing, and every birthday celebrates your life! ENJOY! 


Many Blessings! ‘Til Next Time – 



Question: Do you like birthdays? What is your favorite celebration?  

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