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I’ve been noticing that people tend to run late.  How about you?  Are you the one or do you know someone who is always late?  The person that you know you are going to have to wait on to start the meeting, or order dinner, or a myriad of other things.  It’s a little frustrating isn’t it?


Doctor and dentist offices, hair stylists, most business offices, know that many of their clients are going to run late, which bottles up everything. What about you?  Are you the one that runs late, or do you show up on time?  


We may think it doesn’t really make any difference, but that really isn’t true.  Wherever we are going, someone has prepared for us.  Maybe it is a class that the teacher or the  leader has prepared and when we walk in late it is disruptive… and so inconsiderate.


I was in a training class a few years ago, and when the leader mentioned this I was shocked.  I just never had thought about it before.  Now I am sharing with you.   Consider this. When we are late what we are saying, by our actions is, MY schedule is more important than yours, My time is more valuable than you, I AM more important than you.  When I heard this… YIKES!  I never intentionally said it, never really even thought those thoughts, but it is true.


It is a sign of disrespect, it’s inconsiderate, and rude.  That may hurt today if you are the consistently late person.  But you can change that habit.  I used to be late, just never thought too much about it, but now I really strive to be prompt and on time.  Yes, there are those things that truly are important and reasons that we might be late.  But most of the time it is our lack of planning, our trying to do one more thing, our focus on ourselves and not others.


Take a look.  What is your habit?  Have you led a class or a meeting and had people walk in late?  Have you been meeting someone and they show up late? Even if they text and tell you, it still is inconsiderate to leave you waiting.  How did that make you feel? (BTW, texting to let someone know you are running late is nice, but still isn’t an excuse for being late in the first place.)


Just some thoughts for the day


‘Til Next Time –



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Question: How does it make you feel when people make you wait by running late and not being on time? Whether you agree or disagree I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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