It’s My Fault

I waited ’til the last minute to get my oil changed…. and ran into issues.  Was it their fault…. or mine? Do you ever set yourself up to be frustrated?


One of the great things about getting older (and Yes there are a few good things =)  Anyway, one of the good things is that I’ve begun to realize that a lot of the times when I get frustrated – it is MY fault.  Yikes!  That’s not too fun to look at, except that if I am setting myself up to be frustrated, I can also set myself up to NOT be.  Crazy I know.  Here’s a little message for you.



Can you see ways that you inadvertently set yourself up to have ‘issues’?  How can you change that?  

When you begin to see those things it can make your life a lot easier and lot more peaceful.

Go out and make it a great week!

‘Til Next Time –



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