It’s Not just ‘Chew and Spit’

KC_World series


WOW! what a season! 


Last year I began watching the ROYALS, again. Back in the 80’s we were living in Kansas City area. Our kids were just babies, Bill was building the company, and the Royals were winning!  It was an exciting time!  George Brett was the ‘Man’.


Last year, I started watching them as they won the Wild Card and it felt like I had gone back in time, made me feel 20 or so, years younger.  Crazy!  


This year, since Bill does work in KC and our kids live there, we have been able to go back and forth and have been to many of the KC games! FUN FUN FUN!


It has been amazing.  As I’ve watched, I’ve realized that part of what I enjoy so much is watching them play as a ‘Team’.  I know, of course they are a team, but this is different.  They are tight, they know how each other responds, they have each other’s back.  Really, it may better be called a Baseball family.  I think they love each other and support each other, and it shows!  The George Brett days were wonderful, but this is a whole new level.  It isn’t about one person, it is about all of them.  They all play and contribute, and they do it great! The Royals have character, heart, and they love the game!


Here are a few things I’ve noticed.

Baseball and life lessons (and it’s not just ‘chew and spit’ …. LOL)


To be a Winner… in Baseball and Life takes

  • Belief

  • Passion

  • Heart

  • Vision

  • Persistence

  • Be willing to grow and change

  • Listen and prepare

  • Trust

  • Being Pro-active

  • Think about what’s coming next

  • Be ready

  • Anticipate

  • Reach out to teammates (family and friends)

  • If you make a mistake (error) get up and keep going

  • Never give up

  • It’s never over— ‘Til it’s over!


It’s NEVER over — ‘Til it’s Over!  

ROYALS – The comeback team!  


See you at Spring Training!



‘Til next time – 


BLESSINGS! Go out and make it a great day!



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