Just Say It…

Your ‘Fearless’ action for today,

(and I suggest through the entire season),



MERRY CHRISTMAS!  I love this time of year!  I love the music, the lights, colors, gatherings, spending time with family and friends – basically everything.


Of course, I do realize it isn’t that way for everyone.  There is the stress of gifts, shopping, what to buy, how much to spend, making people happy, and on and on. It can be stressful but I chose to love it anyway. I want to share a little love, hope, peace and joy.  It is Christmas, a time to share the love and hope of Christ!  It isn’t just any holiday.


Christmas is MUCH more than “Happy Holidays”.  Do you know what I mean?  Most everywhere I go they are saying “Happy Holidays”, and to me it is more.  It is CHRISTMAS… not just another holiday, and it is a time to love. Share the love of Christ to everyone, no preaching, no judging, just accepting and showing unconditional love. It can be a smile, a pat on the back, a hug, a note, a phone call… so many ways.


Christmas Is a Time To Love


So let’s say MERRY CHRISTMAS!  


You know what I mean.  At the check out at the grocery store, Walmart, restaurant, wherever… when someone says Happy Holidays – SMILE and say MERRY CHRISTMAS!  They are told to say the politically correct thing… Happy Holiday works for everyone… right?  Well, not for me, so I just sweetly, nicely and with a smile, say . . . MERRY CHRISTMAS!


Don’t be afraid.. just say it and that’s it.  You are done.  Just by saying those words, they will know that you are a person of faith and it is CHRIST-mas that you are celebrating. It is not winter, snow, etc. It is the birth of Christ, the Prince of Peace, the Savior.




‘Til later – Remember . . .

Life is Not a Matter of Chance – It’s a Matter of Choice.

Choose Wisely and Go Out Make it a Great Week!





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