Life is Fun – Change it up a bit


I was talking to some friends and several of them were saying that they felt like they were in a ‘Rut’.   Have you ever felt that way?  The holidays are over, the weather is… well, not so great in many places around the country, and we are all waiting for Spring… Right?


So let’s Change it Up!  Pick one thing to do this week (make that each week) that is totally out  of your routine, not on your list, and spontaneous.  (Yes, it is OK to just jump in and do something different!)  Here are a few examples just in case you need a little jump-start. (If you do these on regular basis that doesn’t count – it has to be different from your regular routine).


  • Go to the movie in the middle of the day, have popcorn

  • Maybe just go OUT to a movie and out of the house

  • Stay in your warm ups all day, and read a book… maybe even a ‘real’ one with pages =)

  • Go outside for a walk, if the weather is nice, or maybe bundle up and just go out for some fresh air depending on where you live

  • Call a friend and meet for coffee/tea… or glass of wine

  • Take the kids to the park for a picnic – peanut butter and jelly is great in the park

  • Go downtown to a ‘greasy spoon’ and eat sloppy but yummy food

  • Order pizza and eat it in the dining room on your fine china

  • If you are close enough, pack an overnight bag and drive to the beach (ummm I’m only 4 hours away, I think sounds like one for moi)


What are your ideas – what will you do THIS week that is out of the ordinary? Life is Fun, sometimes we just need to choose to do something to Change it Up!


‘Til next time – 


BLESSINGS! Go out and make it a great day!




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