Lighten Up & Have Fun!


Today – Let’s have some Fun!  Sometimes we just need to ‘Lighten Up’!  Yes, we take on all the world problems, we are afraid if we let down… what?  The earth will open up and swallow us? Really?


Maybe you just need a few ideas on how to add a little Fun into your life. Click for short audio clip.



You are amazing!  How did it feel to ‘Shine’ out there?  I encourage you to make one more decision to Shine this week.  As you allow yourself to Shine and share your gifts you will begin to feel more confident.


Once again I’d love your thoughts AND your input.  What are a few ways that you can add some FUN into your life.

We are getting close, I am tweaking the audio, finishing up a special Bonus that will only be available the first week of the Release, and you don’t want to miss it so be on the look out!

  • What do you think?

  • Do you have a special way that you like  ‘lighten’ things up? 

  • I’d love to hear your ideas and comments!


‘Til Next Time –



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