Lighten Up

Lighten Up –

Fun, Fearless, Females– Yes! we had Fun!

What a great group of ladies got together at First Presbyterian Church here in Las Vegas.  We had homemade soups and baked potatoes with all the fixings- Yummy!

We laughed and enjoyed being together.  We girls need our girlfriends to relax and let our hair down.  We chatted about ways to ‘Lighten up’ and take ourselves a little less seriously.  You know what I mean.  As women we often act like, and feel like, we are carrying the world on our shoulders.  Yes, there may be strife and pressures, life issues that weigh us down, but we don’t have to ‘live’ in the worry.

One way to lighten up would be to be more spontaneous.  After dinner instead of going straight to dishes, go in and play and roll around with the kids, maybe go our for ice cream, or some other idea to change things up a bit.

Laugh at yourself, and be kind to yourself.  You are a child of the King, the Most High God who loves you unconditionally and He wants best for you.  He loves you and wants you to have a full and abundant life.  I think that is why we have girlfriends to share our life.

As I get ready to ‘move’,  I think this ‘Lighten up’ is the perfect kick off for my move.  ‘Lighten up’, with the stuff, too.

What do you do to ‘lighten up’?


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