Love Your Neighbor…

It’s the Christmas season, and as we take time to look round and be grateful, to help others, to share what we have with others, I believe it is also a great time to look at yourself.  Yes YOU! – You are a special and beautiful child of God, created for great things.. for Him… For the World. DAH – that IS why He came into the world at Christmas– for YOU, for me, for all of us.


We usually get the … Love Your Neighbor... part correct, but so often I see people forget the next part . . .  AS YOURSELF.  This isn’t the ego, aren’t I wonderful type of love that I’m talking about.   This is love yourself for who you are created to be.  Love the gifts and talents you were born with… love yourself. You might need to LIKE yourself.


What can you do today to begin to discover You?  What do you want, what do you like.  Do you remember the part in The Runaway Bride, when she didn’t know what kind of eggs she liked because she just always chose what her latest fiancée liked?  What do you like? What do you want in your life?


As we go into the New Year, let’s explore and discover YOU!  What is new for you this year?  What do You really want?


Good questions right?  Think on it and we’ll talk again soon.


‘Til Next Time –



 What are You Choosing Today?

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