Non-Profit 501 (c)(3)

Fun Fearless Female, Inc., is a 501 (c)(3). We are a faith based Christian company and we believe that if every woman could see herself through God’s eyes – We could WOW the World!

Our mission is to help every woman see herself as the beautiful and talented woman that God created her to be.  We act as catalyst for change in order to transform women’s lives.We  provide a platform for women to grow in confidence and self esteem by giving them tools to break though their belief barriers, walk in faith, and be filled with hope and a divine purpose.

As a Non-Profit, 501(3)(c) we are able to touch more lives and will continue to focus on giving women tools to transform their lives. We are here to be a catalyst for change and will we partner with others who want to touch lives and share in ministry.


We are touching the lives of women:

  • who don’t realize their value
  • who need to be loved and encouraged
  • who have been through so much ‘life’ that they have given up hope
  • who need peace
  • who give all their energy to others and leave nothing for themselves
  • who are in shelters and rehab centers that are struggling just to get through everyday

These are all beautiful females who want to be both “fun and fearless”.  Many tell me that they are fun and the life of the party, but that would like to be more fearless. They’d like to step out and try something new, but they are afraid. Then, there are also those who are so fearless that all their friends admired them for their courage, yet they tell me they’d like to be more fun.  We are women and female, but not everyone feels feminine. Some may need tips on how to feel more like a ‘girl’, to feel feminine and strong, to be fully female.

So here we are, all striving to expand ourselves in some way, to stretch and become all that God created us to be:

Fun, Fearless, and totally Female.

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