Numbers – Friend or Foe


Numbers – they can be friend or foe.  Today is a fact day.  A little fact-finding for your business.

This doesn’t mean business isn’t personal or that I don’t care about the people who I do business with, etc., today is just a business side of things to give perspective and to help define the parameters.  (We will assume that your heart is already where it needs to be).

Many of you know that I was a Mary Kay Pink Cadillac Director for a number of years and to reach this level and maintain it, it became important to look at the facts behind the business. I like the fact that numbers don’t lie.

Today, I was talking to a good friend and she was trying to set some goals in her business.  She is in sales and to accomplish her goals we discussed some ideas to help her get where she wants to go.


You need to know Your numbers.

  • What is it you want? Define the goal, number of customers, or number of appointments, earn a car, win a trophy, etc. 
  • What does that mean?  If it is to win a trophy, what does that take?  How many people, etc.? It’s up to YOU to know the rules and the requirements.
  • How many people do you need to ask in order to get one ‘Yes’? For instance, if you are booking appointments, on YOUR average, how many people do you need to ask to get a ‘Yes’.  If it is a new customer, how many demonstrations or appointments do YOU need to hold to get one customer. (Remember this is about you and your average, not any one else’s, so be honest with yourself).
  • How many of those ‘Yes’ answers will become a customer? (again this is based on Your numbers)

So once you figure out those numbers, then  you are ready. Break it down into steps.

This friend wants 300 New customers this year, isn’t that great?  A big goal but it can be achieved by breaking it down into steps.

For your goal, and based on your answers to the above questions, how many people will you need to talk to and ask, in order to get the customer?



How many phone calls to get appointment?
How many appointments to get a customer?
How many customers to reach your goal?
If this goal is to be accomplished in a year, then how many appointments per month, and then per week, do you need to accomplish the goal?

None of us want to be a ‘number’, but when you are setting goals, particularly in a sales business, it is necessary to look at numbers. Actually, I find it re-assuring.  I can’t control others but I can control my efforts.  That way, when someone tells me ‘No’ that just takes me one step closer to a ‘Yes’.  It doesn’t become as personal and isn’t as much a rejection as it is just part of doing business.


1 -2 3 Let’s GO!



‘Til next time



QUESTION:    Do you  like numbers?  Can you see how they can actually be helpful to you in your business?

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